I’m not perfect. So what?

Love Yourself. Be Brave. Ask for Help.

Perfectionism is a myth.

In fact, despite appearances, it prevents us from growing and improving.

On the contrary, we must be vulnerable if we want to raise.

Perfectionism is a self-distructive concept because:

  1. It does not exist. No matter how hard you try, you cannot reach perfection. You’re human, you are not supposed to be perfect.

2. It is not correlated with striving to excellence, but with trying to earn approval. When your actions are guided by a desire for approval, it means that perceptions are winning over internal motivation and this cannot be good. Perceptions cannot be controlled and the feeling of not being in control only leads to stress and anxiety. 

3. It tries to kill your vulnerabilities when in fact vulnerability is the real secret that leads to success because it’s the only thing that’s real and it makes you human. Vulnerability is not synonymous of weakness. On the opposite, it requires strength and courage. Masking mistakes, facing failures and uncertainty are what innovators and creative phenomena have in common. There’s no need to be perfect in order to succeed. What is important instead is having the courage to show up after a period of uncertainty.

Life is unpredictable.

Behind perfectionism, hides fear of unpredictability. And it’s ok. Being afraid is ok, as long as we become conscious of our fear and we start working on ourself. Life is unpredictable and this will not change. Not ever.

But unpredictability doesn’t have to be scary, because it leads to excitement, good news, self improvement.

Think about this, next time you feel imperfect!

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