Month: January 2022

Love Yourself. Be Brave. Ask for Help.

Love yourself, invest in yourself!

Invest in Yourself and Enjoy the Difference You spend time and money keeping your car in good shape, but what about your body? You do things for your children, but what about yourself? Why not spend some time, money, and effort on yourself? There’s a lot you can do to invest in yourself. See how…
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How to Recover From a Stage Fright episode

Have you ever been a victim of stage fright? You were beyond prepared for your speech or performance, yet nothing came out of your mouth. You now feel devastated because of that embarrassing experience! Luckily, it really isn’t the end of the world. Your imperfection just means you’re human. You can move past such an…
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How to Break Free from Your Fear of Flying

If you have a fear of flying, you’re not alone. Estimates about the number of people who are afraid of flying vary quite a bit. A poll conducted by Newsweek magazine back in 1999 reported that 50% of the adults they surveyed were frightened, at least some of the time, when flying on commercial airlines.…
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Successfully Manage Procrastination

Surely you procrastinate at one time or another – or maybe all the time. Even if you’re one of those unusual folks who only procrastinate occasionally, you’ll find some helpful hints here for managing this habit. Getting your tasks completed on time is a sign that you have control over yourself and your life. You’ll…
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