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What is online counselling?

Online counselling sessions, just like any other counselling sessions, consists in consultations with a professional licenced coach or counsellor to explore a personal difficulty in a confidential and supportive environment that, in this case, will be telephone or online meeting platforms.

What sort of issues can I contact you about?

We may be able to help with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, eating difficulties, loneliness, relationship problems, bereavement, self-esteem and many more.

Not all types of issues can be resolved through online counselling and I will advise you if I consider that some other form of support might be more appropriate to your personal needs and presenting issues. That is why the first assessment session exists.

I am not able to provide online counselling to any person who is under the age of 18.

How does a the sessions work?

Each counselling session will last 50 minutes. Each Meditation session is 25 minutes. You will be able to book them online and make the payment straight away. We suggest to wait at least one week before booking a new appointment. This will allow you to think about the experience and work on the content of the previous session.

Please consider that a session is not confirmed until payment is received.

What happens if I have to cancel the appointment?

If you have made payment for a session but are unable to meet at the appointed time, you will have to notify the counselor at least 24 hours before the session starts and you’ll receive a full refund. If you cancel your session less than 24 hours before the agreed time, the full fee for the session will be retained.

For further questions please fill out the form or send an email to